How To Find A Puppy Program

How To Find A Puppy ProgramThe purpose of our program is to allow reputable breeders to list with for free in exchange that their facilities to be either inspected/interviewed by us or have been recommended by another reputable breeder listed on this site.

Our goal is to list only reputable breeders that care about the health and welfare of all their dogs. Our main criteria for the breeders listed is their responsibility to ensure that all their dogs and offspring will be cared for properly during their entire lifetime and will not allow any of their animals to end up in a shelter or pound.


  • proper shelter from the elements; rain, cold, heat, snow
  • proper food quality and quantity
  • clean, fresh water supply
  • exercise on a regular basis by walking or in an adequately sized, fenced, grassed area
  • yearly health checks for breeding dogs
  • all worming and first shots for puppies
  • socialization for both breeding parents and puppies (with people and other dogs/animals)
  • comfortable, clean bedding
  • background or home checks on prospective buyers
  • opportunity for prospective buyers to view the puppies, parents and breeding facilities before purchase
  • breeder provides a signed document to buyer that would include the following information:
    • name and registration of parents (if applicable)
    • breed of puppy, purebred or otherwise
    • date of birth
    • name and address of veterinarian attending the animals
    • date of worming and shots
    • list of any medical concerns
    • signed health guarantee stating what the guarantee includes
    • price for pupppy
    • follow up checks on the puppy purchasers
  • Breeder will take back or help re-home the puppy/dog at any point during it’s entire lifetime.

All of the criteria listed above are important and relevant when breeding dogs and is a clear indication of a “good” or “poor” breeder/puppy mill. Good, reputable breeders NEVER sell their puppies to a pet store. Remember, if in doubt – leave without!