Buyer Beware!


There are people on internet “sellers sites” trying to sell a puppy/dog cheaply under the guise that their son/daughter/ wife has died and they just want to find a good home – this is a scam that originates overseas!!

There is no puppy or dog or dead son/daughter/wife. They just want your money and you will never hear from them again.


There is also a PUPPY BROKER on the Lower Mainland masquerading as a RESCUE ORGANIZATION. Please beware of these scams and if you need more help or information please contact us. Help us to help the dogs!!


Information you need to know before buying a puppy.
RED FLAG LIST (signs you are dealing with a puppy mill or poor breeder):

  • They sell their puppies to pet stores, at flea markets, or through a puppy broker or third party.
  • They are willing to sell you a puppy – no questions asked – they only want to be paid.
  • They will offer to “ship” the puppy to you. This says they don’t care what happens to the puppy or who you are.
  • They are selling more than one breed of dog and have many different litters available.
  • Be aware of “stories” ie: “I am selling the puppies for my friend who is sick/getting divorce/has lost job/or death in the family etc.
  • Being told “If we can’t sell the puppies we will have to put them down.”
  • The puppies and/or mother or facility smell strongly of urine or feces.
  • The mother and/or puppies are nervous, cowering or very aggressive – these are signs of lack of socialization.
  • Never buy a puppy unless you can visit the breeder’s facilities to see where and how they were raised and the health and well-being of the mother.


  • Reputable breeders care too much about their animals to deal with pet stores.
  • They welcome you to their home or facility.
  • They encourage you to interact with the puppies and mother. What you should look for:
    • Are the puppies and mother happy?
    • Are they friendly and healthy looking?
    • Are they of good weight?
    • Is their coat shiny and their eyes clear?
  • The breeder should ensure that you are familiar with the breed of dog you are choosing and that it is suitable to your lifestyle and family needs.
  • They offer you a written health guarantee and state specifically what the guarantee is.
    • They also mention what specific (if any) health problems could be associated with the breed as well as special needs such as regular grooming etc.
  • They will have you sign a contract stating that the dog must be spayed or neutered (unless it is a show dog or for specific breeding purposes).
  • The contract should state that you will contact the breeder if you are unable to keep the dog for any reason, for the life of the dog, to ensure it does not end up in a shelter.
  • The breeder gives you a written bill of sale along with the signed contract.

NOTE: If you ever have any concerns or questions about a breeder please contact your local S.P.C.A. or Animal Control Center immediately!

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